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Cheeky Tilly


Around the same time that Barossa Boy Wines was launched, little Tilly, the Boy’s first child was born. She’s a seventh generation Burge of the Barossa terroir, yet her own character is as unique as a single vintage. This Riesling is a tribute to the wild haired, spirited girl and all her stories yet to be told.

$30 per bottle

Little Tacker

Grenache, Shiraz, Mataro

The Barossa Boy was once just ‘the little tacker’ to his parents, Helen and Grant. He enjoyed a free-range Barossa childhood, scrawling bike tracks through the vineyards and making plenty of mischief.

Our Little Tacker GSM is the ultimate Barossa wine blend: fruitful, fun, and youthful. Like an adventurous child it begins vibrant and full of lively fruitiness, then gradually reveals its underlying spice and complexity. Its deeper notes hint at hair-raising adventures, evocative of fearless and carefree outdoor days that stretched forever. To Trent, each mouthful is a reminder that every winding direct path was part of the little tacker’s Barossa story and led him right here today.

$30 per bottle

Double Trouble

Shiraz Cabernet

Trent Burge grew up a keen cricketer and footballer, revelling in the camaraderie and competition of local teams. He followed his passion to England, spending several years playing seasons of cricket and returning home to work Barossa vintage. Double Trouble blends two outstanding regional varieties in tribute to the boy’s time in this ‘double life’ of one endless summer.

Shiraz Cabernet is the classic Australian wine duo, boldly generous yet approachable. To bring out the best from the Barossa region, we combine valley-floor Shiraz with cool climate Cabernet Sauvignon, from a family-owned vineyard in neighbouring Eden Valley.

Barossa Boy Double Trouble salutes teammates, on the field and in the vineyard. Created for sharing.

$30 per bottle

Young Wisdom


Mataro is often regarded as the backbone of Barossa winemaking. Usually blended with other varieties such as Shiraz and Grenache, it bestows spice, depth and roundness. The character laden grapes of a particular, dry-grown vineyard inspired the Barossa Boy Young Wisdom Mataro.

Barossa Boy honours the old wisdom of the vines that have outlasted decades of varying weather and varietal fads. We add fresh perspective, highlighting this quiet achiever. Young Wisdom Mataro, created only in exceptional vintages, tells its own unique Barossa story.

$50 per bottle

Lifeblood Shiraz


He’s the sixth generation of a Barossa winemaking family, but Trent Burge’s destiny was not written in stone. Cellarhand work was initially just a handy job opportunity for an energetic young 18 year old, but hands-on, from the ground up, winemaking worked its way under his skin. Trent developed a deep respect for the land, the fruit, the growers and winemakers.

The final pieces came together around family meals, when his father would dust off bottles of luscious aged Shiraz from his personal cellar. The rich rewards of hard labour awakened the boy’s Barossa-born heart.

Lifeblood Shiraz is Trent’s heartfelt tribute to the signature variety of his home soil. Crafted only from vintages of exceptional promise, this is a love letter to region, variety and home.

$80 per bottle

Grand Gesture

Late Harvest Semillon 

It was a momentous occasion that forever shaped a love story. Celebrating 100 months together, The Boy’s epic engagement proposal to Jess echoes his unwavering commitment to both his girl and the Barossa. This sweet, sticky Semillon embodies the essence of their unforgettable day, where surprises unfolded and culminated in the very spot where their love began many years prior. Cheers to grand gestures and a forever kind of love. 375ml Bottle

$30 per bottle